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Outriders is coming to PC Game Pass this week • Eurogamer.net


Outriders, the “smart so familiar” third-person sci-fi shooter from developer People Can Fly (as Eurogamer called it) will make its way to PC Game Pass tomorrow, October 19th.

Outriders initially launched for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation in April, offering a slice of co-op sci-fi shooter action Eurogamer reviewer Vikki Blake, with some reservations, appreciated in her review. “To some,” she wrote, “I suspect Outriders isn’t breaking new ground enough to set itself apart from an already oversaturated shooting market, relying too much on ideas from other stronger titles that are out there. ‘have preceded. “

“[But] while he is unlikely to make fans of those of you who sampled shooters who came before him and remained dissatisfied, “continued Vikki,” as an uncompromising guardian and bearer fangirl. maps of the genre, Outriders tickle me in all the right places. Offering a solid, satisfying shooter and an array of extra powers and abilities to keep combat fresh and exciting, I can only admit that Outriders surprised me in all the right ways. “

The Outriders finally tested! PS5 vs. Xbox Series X / S.

It’s, in other words, pretty much perfect fodder for Game Pass, as was proven at launch when Outriders joined Xbox Game Pass for consoles as a day one release – a move that publisher Square Enix later said it had “worked for it.” Indeed, Square loudly trumpeted the 3.5 million unique players the Outriders had reached in May, even going so far as to call IP its “next big franchise.”

Whether Outriders was also a financial success for the publisher is considerably less clear, especially given the statement People Can Fly released in August which revealed that Square Enix had not yet paid a royalty, suggesting that the game was no had not yet reached the breakeven point.

Either way, PC gamers who have been curious to try Outriders but haven’t yet taken the plunge will be able to do so through Game Pass starting tomorrow, October 19. And if you’ve already progressed in the game on Xbox, Microsoft notes that you will be able to transfer your saves to the new version PC Game Pass.