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PC game Avengers shows visible differences between AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS Upscaling, Necromunda: Hired Gun does not


Marvel’s Avengers and Necromunda: Hired Gun recently added AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (also known as AMD FSR) support to their games where NVIDIA’s DLSS was already available. This new addition to both titles allows users to choose how the game is treated graphically versus their graphics hardware. Based on these two titles, the difference between AMD FSR and DLSS appears to range from “similar” to “noticeably worse”.

Twitter user 4r7hur (@KanaSaber) produced some examples of how both modes as well as Standard 4K mode appeared in the Avengers video game. AMD FSR is noticeably worse than NVIDIA DLSS (which is actually better than native in some cases due to a cleaner alias). NVIDIA DLSS also produced better quality when examining details like character hair. @KanaSaber explains that the mode they use is not Ultra Quality FSR mode, but normal FSR Quality mode. One would assume that if Ultra Quality FSR mode was used, it might produce a different result which could closely match the DLSS quality modes.

AMD also allowed users to modify the source code for FidelityFX Super Resolution mode by releasing the encoding. AMD’s decision to reach out to its audience in a way that provides access to source code information may increase its competition with NVIDIA technology.

Regardless of NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR modes, it is ideal for gamers to have more accessibility and compatibility when it comes to next-gen games. Over the next decade, we will definitely see more advancements in technology to improve the user experience, not only in games, but in everyday use.

Back4BuckPC Gamer, a YouTube influencer, showcased Necromunda: Hired Gun’s ability to process 4K resolution using both AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS. In the video below, you can see how, with a side-by-side comparison of the two modes, it’s almost indistinguishable from their top formatting priorities.

Back4BuckPC Gamer notes that due to the way graphics were handled by AMD and NVIDIA modes, AMD FSR represented superior quality and ability to produce a larger image without pushing hardware as much as NVIDIA DLSS had. need.

Source: VideoCardz, @KanaSaber, Back4BuckPC Player