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PC Game Pass adds completion time information to its games

Microsoft integrates website data How long to beat in Game Pass. The company announcement its partnership with the IGN-owned website on Wednesday, saying it will update the Xbox app on Windows to give Game Pass subscribers time estimates on game detail pages for most of the service’s PC titles .

How Long To Beat is a community website that specializes in calculating how long it takes to play games, based on your playing style. If you just want to get through the main story to Death Stranding, for example, it will take you 40 hours to see the credits roll. If you are a finalist and want to complete the main story, side quests and unlock all the achievements the game has to offer, it will take you 113 hours (just under five days) to reach 100% completion.


In addition to viewing playtime details by clicking View Details, users will be able to submit their own times and view community reviews, play ratings, and data breakdowns based on playstyle and skill level. platform. They will also have the opportunity to organize their library of games and help other players clear their backlog.

To help gamers play games on Game Pass even faster, Microsoft has also improved the performance of the Xbox app.

“With the latest update, the app now launches up to 15% faster, and we’ve also made some fixes for better overall responsiveness when interacting with key experiences in the app,” Jason said. Beaumont, partner director of product management at Xbox. for player experiences and the platform. “We’ve seen crash-free sessions improve to 99.9%, and player reports of games that didn’t download or install successfully have been reduced by nearly half.”

The integration of How Long To Beat into Game Pass is a welcome change for gamers with busy lives. The website already shares completion times for the latest games on Twitter, so sharing those times on Game Pass titles will be even more helpful.

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