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PC Game Pass confirms new Day One game for May 2022

Microsoft’s PC Game Pass is getting a brand new day one title later next month, according to an announcement from Blackbird Interactive.

Xbox Game Pass has been a dazzling success since its launch a few years ago. With Xbox Game Pass, subscribers have access to over 100 games, including day one releases with an affordable monthly subscription. Now, a recent announcement confirms that another day one game is on the way for PC Game Pass subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass has been one of the most successful gaming-related services for Microsoft in recent years, with its regularly updated library continuing to attract more and more gamers. Part of the service’s strategy is to introduce new titles on a monthly basis. Recently, the service added three new titles to PC Game Pass: Life is Strange: True Colors, Panzer Corps 2and The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk. Now an announcement from Blackbird Interactive says Hardspace: Shipbreakers as the latest entry to hit PC Game Pass next month.


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Currently in Early Access on Steam, Hardspace: Shipbreakers is slated for a full PC release on May 22, 2022. According to its description, Hardspace: Shipbreakers equips players with “advanced salvage technology” that allows them to disassemble starships to salvage valuable materials. Through these players can improve their equipment. With a majority of “very positive” reviews on the early access version of the game so far, anticipation will likely be high for the game’s official release. Homeworld 3 Manufacturer Blackbird Interactive has indicated that a console release is also on the way, but specific details have yet to be announced.

Since its launch in 2017, the growth of Xbox Game Pass has translated well for Microsoft and game studios. For example, after the slow launch of 2021 guardians of the galaxy saw notable viewership growth thanks to its release on Xbox Game Pass last month. Now, as the service looks to expand further, Microsoft is reportedly exploring a family plan for Xbox Game Pass. However, its success has not gone unnoticed by other players in the industry as Sony has already announced its revamped version of the PlayStation Plus subscription service in response.

The growing interest in gaming subscription services is making space for Microsoft’s gaming ambitions to be tough. But that’s not to say Game Pass isn’t without its own internal challenges. For example, while its library is updated monthly with new games, titles also occasionally leave the subscription service. In April alone, Xbox Game Pass is losing six titles, though some of them are getting newer versions instead. Anyway, the introduction of more day one titles like Hardspace: Shipbreakers means that PC and Xbox Game Pass will continue to attract subscriber interest.

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