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PC games weekend deals: get a stealth pack and go on a journey with the Saints

Weekend PC Game Deals This is where the best gaming deals on the internet are gathered in one place, every week, for your consumption. So kick back, relax and hold on to your wallets.

Humble released a new game pack this week, a rare sight when a store-wide sale is also taking place. This collection of seven games is all about stealth experiences, including a few of the rebooted games Hitman Games.

Just depositing a dollar will earn you Aragami, while jumping over the average price point, which is currently around $ 11, will add to the games Styx: shards of darkness, thermal signature, and ECHO.

Going to the last level will set you back $ 12, but that adds the Hitman – Game of the Year Edition, Hitman 2 – Gold Edition, as good as Ghost of a fairy tale. These are the complete packages of the Hitman titles, providing all expansion cards and other content.

You have until September 3 to decide on this Best of Stealth Humble Bundle. For those interested, last week’s Seven Deadly Sims Pack still has a few days left on its counter.

Epic Games Store offers Saints Row the Third and Automachef

In an interesting twist, the Epic Games Store giveaway this weekend was joined by another game. Saints Street restart, the store started a giveaway for Saints Row: the third remastered, by joining the already announced Automaton promotion.

Released last year, the remaster of the third Saints Street The lobby features improved graphics across the board, giving you more eye candy while taking on Steelport in style. During this time, Automaton offers a puzzle experience where you build automatic restaurants with programmable machines and production lines.

Both games are yours until Thursday, September 2, and to come as the store giveaway is a copy of Yoku Island Express.

Free events

Battlefield V promotional screenshot

Battlefield V is back in the free events menu, giving you access to the Steam version of the WWII shooter through August 16. In another direction, Ubisoft is currently hosting an open beta for its next extreme sports title. Republic of the Cavaliers right now, and you can connect through the Ubisoft Connect or Epic Store clients by going here.

Back on Steam, RPG fans can try Scout: Kingmaker from now until Sunday, with the paid event with full access to the party-based isometric title. The open world multiplayer survival game FOAM is also running a free-to-play session at the moment. Recently, The Elder Scrolls Online The free event that started last week is almost over, but if you still feel like trying it out, the core content will be free throughout the weekend.

Big business

Our list of highlights can be found below as usual. But before that, if you’re a subscriptions fan, know that the Ubisoft + service, containing all of the publisher’s classic and new titles, currently has a one-month trial offer for $ 1. Now that that’s taken care of, head over to our list of great offers:

DRM-free goodness

GOG is always in the midst of its gaming festival with store-wide offers, new game promotions, and other specials. Find another small selection of DRM-free discounts from the biggest batch below:

Keep in mind that the availability and prices of some offers may vary by region.

That’s it for our pick of PC gaming deals this weekend, and I hope some of you are holding back enough that you don’t continue to add to your ever-growing backlog. As always, there is a huge amount of other offers ready and waiting on every website as well as services that you can already subscribe to if you browse through them, so keep your eyes peeled for these and have a good one. weekend.

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