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PC Gaming Weekend Deals: New Choices To Make & Bridges To Build

The start of our weekend feature is Humble’s new Pick Pick, which got another refresh as part of its July offering. There’s a whole new set of games to choose from if you go for the subscription, and it touts the big hitters like Yakuza 3 and Overvoltage 2.

Find Choice’s 12 new games and links to their Steam store pages below:

Choosing to pick three of the titles above will set you back $ 14.99 under the base tier, while nine games will cost $ 19.99. However, those who still have active Humble Monthly subscriptions can purchase 10 games for $ 12.99 instead. This selection of games will be available on Humble Choice until August 3.

Elsewhere on the store, it also launched a game set filled with titles released by Slitherine. The first level grants you Master of classical magic for $ 1, while the average price level drops by Battlestar Galactica dead end and Distant worlds: Universe. The third and final level contains all the previous elements and adds Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War, its Fortification and Tyranids DLC, as well as Field of Glory II and WWII Strategic Command: World at War.

Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead and Ironcast are free on the Epic Games Store

As expected, Epic brought two more games to everyone this week. Bridge Builder: The Walk Death and Cast iron are the last titles to be made available as freebies, and they land as a replacement for last week The specter retreat.

Arriving as the latest entry in the long line of themes Bridge builder games, this The walking dead-A stylish experience features a storyline featuring characters from the AMC series, the expected hordes of zombies, as well as traps to neutralize said brain eaters in addition to the usual physical puzzles. During this time, Cast iron is a turn-based roguelite with Match 3 puzzle elements. The title is set in another 1880 Victorian England involving a war that has you using walking war machines.

You can claim the double gift until July 15, and replacement gifts on that date are Obduction and Trading company outside the world.

Free events

Games having free events this weekend

As the summer sales slowly return to their expected slumber, free events have already started to pop up. This weekend you have two games to try for free on Steam.

The first is Ubisoft’s open world runner Crew 2, allowing you to travel across the entire United States using cars, planes and ships. If running is not your style then you can try Death by the light of day. It’s a four-on-one horror title that lets you escape a lone killer or take on the role of one to hunt down four survivors.

Big business

The Steam Summer sale has entered hibernation and it will be another six months before the store’s next gigantic promotion. However, the usual sales keep showing up even if we can expect some slowdowns in the weeks to come. If you’ve still got an appetite for the deals after the past two weeks, check out our latest list of handpicked highlights for this weekend below:

DRM-free goodness

To wrap up this weekend’s deals, we have another list of DRM-free game discounts happening right now, and it includes the entire CD Projekt game selection thanks to the WitcherCon celebrations. There is also a witcher a goodie bag is also offered on GOG.

Keep in mind that the availability and prices of some offers may vary by region.

That’s it for our pick of PC gaming deals this weekend, and I hope some of you have enough restraint that you don’t continue to add to your ever-growing backlog. As always, there are a large number of other offers ready and waiting on every website as well as in the services that you can already subscribe to if you browse them, so keep your eyes peeled for these and have a good one. weekend.