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Pikmin mobile game now available in America

Niantic and Nintendo’s mobile game Pikmin Bloom is now available for download in America.

Mobile users in the United States, Canada and the rest of the Americas can download the game now on both ios and Android. Bloom was previously available in Australia and Singapore, and other regions are expected to receive the game in the coming days.

Pikmin Bloom is similar to Niantic’s worldwide mobile success, Pokémon Go, in that it is built around the concept of forcing players to step outside and walk.

Although the Pikmin is the heart of the game’s theme, the main objective is to leave a trail of flower petals behind as you walk, to make the world prettier.

Pikmin Bloom unveils the trailer

Players have a limited amount of petals, which can be completed by sending Pikmin to find and bring back fruit. This can then be given to your Pikmin in the form of nectar, causing them to grow new petals which you can collect.

Players can also take photos during their walk and store them in their Lifelog, which is a diary that stores the number of steps you have taken each day.

A beta version of Niantic’s Pikmin game has been tested by guest players in Singapore since March, but today marks its official rollout and final title, Pikmin Bloom.

A trailer (shown in the integration above) shows off the concept behind the game and includes a statement from Shigeru Miyamoto.

“For me and for everyone at Niantic, helping this app take shape has been a new and great fun experience,” said Miyamoto, adding, “I hope everyone can create lasting memories with Pikmin.”