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Prices for NISA PC games are increased

NIS America, the (shockingly) US arm of Japanese company NIS, has announced that it will increase the price of a variety of its games on PC platforms. This will impact all expected versions of the PC store including Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, in addition to Google Stadia.

The NISA PC price hike will take effect on July 19, when prices will increase on the following games:

Game name Old price New price

It’s worth noting that NIS America is generally one of the more unpredictable companies when it comes to permanent price drops. For example, Disgaea computer above had already been reduced to $ 14.99, and The longest five minutes had its cute price twice, when it was originally $ 49.99, before moving to $ 19.99, and then finally to $ 9.99.

This upcoming price hike goes against the usual downtrend, but it does mean that if you want to get these games at a low price, now is the time to do so during the Steam Summer Sale where they are now. greatly reduced.

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This is interesting, especially since NISA is one of the few companies that consistently lowers the base price of its games. As mentioned above, the base prices of some of them have already been reduced several times, and in these cases, it does not appear to be supporting the original price. It can be a financial necessity – sometimes a price drop may not result in the expected increase in sales or the price starts to no longer match the current market and other regions.

No matter the reasoning, it doesn’t change the fact that it really sucks if you waited to pick up some.

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