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Project M might be the greatest video game of all time

South Korean developer NCSOFT (the studio behind games like Line and guild wars) unveiled the first trailer for Project Man upcoming cinematic and interactive action game with stunning Unreal Engine 5 graphics. Expected on consoles (though they have yet to reveal where, when, or how), the hyperrealistic trailer shows off the photorealistic graphics .

And, oh man, our jaws are on the ground.

Just recently I took a trip down memory lane and looked at some of the first games I played on the ZX Spectrum (released in 1982). Forty years later, computer graphics have taken a huge leap forward. Players are no longer limited to manipulating 8-bit figures, but we now have realistic visuals in nearly every next-gen release.

But Project M takes things a step further. It’s quite ambitious and looks like the next big step in the evolution of video gaming.

The trailer, a technical showcase of realistic environmental textures, emotive facial expressions, and lifelike character animations, features a story centered around a husband who exacts revenge on his wife’s murderer. Project M is like an interactive movie with fast-paced events, similar to games made by Quantic Dream – Heavy rain and Detroit: Become Human.

We can collect X, O and R2 in the trailer that Project M will be released on PlayStation (likely the PS5 only). Hopefully it makes its way to PC and Xbox as well.

As a project in development, the reveal of the trailer is the first official step in NC’s “Open R&D” initiative. “NC expresses the company’s commitment to unveiling the development process and continuing to communicate with players earlier regarding new projects,” revealed Moon Young Choi, Senior Development Management Officer. “Going forward, we will proactively showcase our development progress in various forms of content such as trailers, interviews, novels, and webtoons.”

Watch the Project M trailer below.