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Puzzle Game Backfirewall_ Announced with Wacky Trailer

Try to solve this one.

rear firewall really is as bonkers as the trailer sounds, just in case you thought you were going crazy watching it. This game is dubbed a meta-comedy puzzler on a smartphone operating system – it’s the kind of invigorating synopsis that will wake you up in the morning.

You play the update assistant who has to make sure that the OS9 system receives its long-awaited update. This is where the game ventures into the foreign side of things: OS9 doesn’t want to be superseded by OS10, so you have to go on a confusing journey to help enforce the will of the update protocol. .

The team behind this crazy game is Naraven Games, and they released some news about the game during yesterday’s PC Gaming Show with the unconventional trailer. This game is about as unique as it gets, but if we were to compare it to anything, it has shades of Stanley’s parable and maybe even Gate. Watch the new trailer below.

Naraven Games’ accompanying article to reassure gamers of what to expect went something like this: “Explore the setting of a weird and wonderful smartphone, brimming with life and revealing conversations. Navigate the bureaucratic wi-fi nightmare or party in the exclusive loudspeaker disco and meet many quirky characters, each an irreplaceable piece of software personified with their own trouble-rich history. We’re not sure we understand what they’re talking about.

This game looks weird and wonderful; a feast for the eyes if you haven’t taken them out, but it’s the puzzles and jokes that are the biggest draw point of the game. That’s why the reveal trailer is what she is, so that doesn’t say too much about what to expect. There will be a whole host of sarcastic signs as you walk around that you may need to decipher, and you’ll have to manipulate some of your surroundings, which could hint at the inclusion of some space puzzles.

rear firewall is accessible on Steam in its demo form (until June 20e), with gameplay from the developer playing it, and the game is slated for full release later this year for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One/X/S, and Nintendo Switch.