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Quantic Dream reportedly working on a new Star Wars video game

Quantic Dream, (developers of Fahrenheit, Heavy rain, and Detroit: become human), would develop a new Star Wars video game. This is according to French YouTuber Gautoz, and supported by sources in Kotaku.

Very few details are available, however, a separate source for Kotaku claimed that the unannounced title has been in development for about a year and a half. It is suggested that the title will move away from the heavy “quick-event” gameplay of Quantic Dreams in favor of a more action-oriented effort. They go so far as to assume that it could feature an open world, as well as some multiplayer elements.

Quantic Dream is working on a Star Wars game?

Formed in 1997, the most recent versions of Quantic Dream have been exclusive to PlayStation consoles. Heavy rain, Beyond two souls, and Detroit: become human were released as part of a three-game exclusive deal with Sony. With this agreement now concluded, Quantic Dream has ventured into the publication and development of its own titles. With the sequel to Quantic Dream not yet confirmed, chances are their Star Wars offering will be their next iteration.

These rumors follow the announcement that the beloved Knights of the Old Republic The series will return to PlayStation 5 and PC in the near future. Much like with this report, information on KOTOR’s upcoming remake is scarce, but it does suggest a willingness by Lucasfilm Games to bring Star Wars back to video game space in the widest possible way.

The formation of Lucasfilm Games and the decision not to renew EA’s exclusivity agreement means that intellectual property is open to everyone. In addition to the aforementioned titles, Massive Entertainment, which is part of the Ubisoft umbrella, has confirmed that it will be directing a Star Wars title earlier this year.

With the steam building up behind this particular report steadily, stay tuned to Dork Side of the Force for updates as they happen!