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Quantum Noesis: Redefining Puzzle Gaming with a Bit of NFT Magic

Looking for a different type of puzzle game? Quantum Noesis is a game that’s part graphic novel, part puzzle game, unlocks episodically over weeks, has prizes for those who are quick enough to solve them first and – of course – it’s powered by NFT and has its own unique token economy and behind-the-scenes AI business.

It’s a sci-fi tale of AI and cybercrime, as the player battles an evil Megacorp bent on thwarting a critical AI breakthrough that will save the world… And while NFT technology and currency in the game are purely 2022 and beyond, the game itself looks to everyone like a classic graphic novel.

Quantum Noesis is set in the year 2035. The Noosphere DAO is about to make an amazing breakthrough in artificial intelligence. EVI (Electronic Virtual Intelligence) holds the key to the future of humanity. But there are powerful forces at work to destroy it…

The game features 300 art panels produced by a dedicated art team

Your entry ticket is one of Synesis One’s Kanon NFTs – part of their much larger AI natural language project which – in the future – will bring money to holders as the system is used to powering AI chat for large enterprises… For real. But for now, your NFT is your ticket to the game – a sort of reward for investors, inspired by the AI ​​themes and end product the Synesis One team is working on.

We spoke to Tracy Spaight, the game’s producer, to find out more.

First, tell us a bit about yourself

“I’ve been in the games industry for 20 years and was the publishing director at K2 Network and we were one of the first free-to-play game publishers in the west. In fact, we had the registered trademark on “free to play”. We were taking games mostly from South Korea and taking them to places like North America, Turkey and Brazil.

“Nowadays the world is free to play, or the holdouts have rushed to a cash shop for microtransactions for their worlds.

“Big companies are very tepidly dipping their toes in the pool to look at it, but they don’t understand that you have to look at it from a different perspective. You’re building a player-driven economy, and your player base is essentially going to drive the long-term vision, its health and vitality, and participate in the value creation that happens.

“This mindset is very rare among existing publishers. They just don’t know blockchain as a technology or the DeFi space in general.

“I think the flip side is also true – a lot of people in crypto don’t know how to make a good game. So it’s rare to find skills that know games should be fun and engaging and understand crypto and the rest. I did a masters in blockchain and digital currencies and I think that’s the next thing that will define the gaming space.”

It’s great to see the return of the graphic novel. It’s a great format for telling a story.

“Yes, we in the West may not be aware of how big the graphic novel format is in Asia. Anime, manga and the Korean variant which is a $10 billion industry there. You see it everywhere and increasingly it’s digital so people read on mobile devices and PCs.

How do you start in the game?

“You go to the webpage – quantumnoesis.io – and you click ‘Play Now’. Ideally, you would be playing in the Chrome browser or the Brave browser and using a Phantom wallet. If you have a Kanon NFT, you can stake it and get started directly, but you can also use our SNS tokens, so you can stake less, but your rewards would be proportionally smaller.

“Your Kanon NFT works like a movie ticket – it gets you in so you can play the game. All you need is one in your Solana compatible wallet. If you have it as a Chrome extension , she just pops up there and you just say “Yeah, approve”.

“The game is in Unity, so you’ll be in the prologue and intros, and then you’ll be in chapter one which has your first three puzzle challenges.”

“It’s a bit of a race. The first person to solve the puzzles gets a bigger reward. Many players will earn around 600-800 SNS when playing, very good players several thousand and top players much more, including our grand prize of 50,000 SNS for the first person to complete the game.

Tracy Spaight, producer

Are the puzzles number puzzles? Word games?

“Almost all of them are word-based puzzles and they were designed by legendary puzzle master Cliff Johnson. Cliff offers untold, category-defying word puzzles like you’ve never seen before.

“The story moves on and you get to the puzzle and there’s a character in the game Piler – short for compiler – who’s your sidekick and she takes the underlying issues in the game’s ‘block of code’ and turns them into audio and visual puzzles that the human mind can grasp.

“The idea is that human intuition, creativity and pattern recognition are always better than machines. So the in-game Noesis network has gamified the security of this advanced AI and you’re there as a gamer. elite to try to protect the system from evil Metacorp, led by Mike Vanderberg whose similarities to any other head of a social media network are purely coincidental…

“It’s up to you, the player, to thwart their evil plans and save the world.”

Players fight their way through the story and solve puzzles to win prizes and progress further

How does the game work ?

“We call it ‘solving to win’. If you manage to solve the 36 tricky puzzles we’ve incorporated into this graphic adventure, you’ll earn SNS Tokens – the Synesis Token – as rewards as you go.

“Our community has access to a very cool cyberpunk novel with very cool illustrations and puzzles where they can win SNS prizes. As soon as you solve a puzzle, it communicates with the Solana blockchain and places your prize directly into your Phantom wallet.

“There are 12 chapters and there are three puzzles at the end of each chapter. We’ve done lots of iterations of each type of puzzle, depending on what background fiction is going on, so what’s most appropriate.

“It’s a bit of a race. The first person to solve the puzzles gets a bigger reward. Many players will earn around 600-800 SNS when playing, very good players several thousand and top players many more, including our grand prize of 50,000 SNS for the first person to complete the game. There are one million of tokens that we offer.

“The latest Alpha/Omega puzzle will blow your mind. I’ve never seen anything like it.

“Right now I’m watching our players go through the game. We’re releasing the chapters at the rate of one a week because we didn’t want a ‘super puzzle solver’ solving everything in a weekend and c ‘is all.

Who wrote the story?

“It’s written by DL Young, who wrote the Cyberpunk City novels that I love and we worked with an art team from Ukraine who developed 300 panel art for the game. They continued to work throughout the game. Russian invasion… Between Covid and the war, completing this game was a unique challenge!

“The game is designed as a contest and reward for people who have purchased our Kanon NFTs. The fact that this game could exist and they could play it has driven some of the buying behavior that has acquired our Kanon NFTs .

“They’re pretty cool if you haven’t seen them. We worked with a collective of New York artists called Rare Volume to design these really interesting procedurally generated AI works that you can zoom in to see the details. We’ve already sold several thousand and will be selling more later this year.

One thing… Couldn’t the answers to the riddles just be shared online?

“Some puzzles you could tell someone how you did it… But others there are so many moves… They require a lot of experimentation and creativity to solve. tell anyone the answer and how you actually did it…Some are based on numbers…Moving parts of words…They are quite unique and interesting.People who know Cliff’s puzzles will love this.

So how hard are they? We imagine something a little more difficult than Wordle?

“Well, yes… Some you could solve in 15 minutes. Some will take over an hour. You will understand… But it will cook your noodles for sure!

It all adds up to an intriguing new twist on the graphic novel and puzzle genre with some NFT magic and greater real-world AI quest behind the scenes. Learn more about the work done by Synesis One here.

Check out the Quantum Noesis trailer here.

And go to quantumnoesis.io to play the game.