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Resident Evil 4 inventory management is now its own puzzle game

Developer Fractal Projects recently released Save Room – Organization Puzzle, a game based on Resident Evil 4’s inventory management system.

An indie developer released a project called Save Room – Organization Puzzle on Steam, which runs Resident Evil 4it is inventory management system in a full-fledged game. Resident Evil 4 The inventory system remains the standard when it comes to stash management in the game. Notably, the feature bolsters the survival horror experience, forcing players to think and act strategically even when zombies do not pose an immediate threat.

Other games have, of course, adopted similar systems for player inventory. For example, Eidos-Montreal Deus Ex The prequels require users to arrange all of Adam Jensen’s weapons, ammo, health items, and even hacks in a grid-like menu with only a certain amount of space. Despite upgrades to expand the size of the grid, element management in the new version Deus Ex titles still requires careful consideration. But no other game conveys the stress of stock organization like Resident Evil 4. So it shouldn’t be surprising that someone has thought of emulating that feeling in a standalone experience.


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In late April, developer Fractal Projects (via Subway News) unleashed Save Room – Organization Puzzle on PC through Steam. The game, which currently costs $1.59, tasks players with hosting a Resident Evil 4-Inventory system inspired in a safe space safe from the horrors of the outside world. Unsurprisingly, the goal is to seamlessly integrate all inventory items into a grid-like menu space. Items include guns, ammo boxes, and health components. The gameplay trailer below, shared by Томас Непотребко on YouTube, shows that there are ways around space limitations. If too many health items are cluttering up the inventory, consuming one could prove to be a boon. Likewise, reloading guns in the menu reduces the amount of ammo sitting on the side.

As it concerns Resident Evil 4-as the games go, Save Room – Organization Puzzle seems to have gotten off to a great start on Steam. User reviews are marked as “very positive“, for example, with many praising the leveling system, gameplay, atmosphere, and relaxing qualities. Needless to say, this Tetris-esque inventory puzzles may well count as experience as many one resident Evil fan has long waited.

Other titles in the past have explored similar puzzle mechanics. Some may remember Attaché Case HDan item management strategy game that draws heavily from Resident Evil 4 beloved inventory system. However, it seems that Save Room – Organization Puzzle may have carved out a niche.

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Save Room – Organization Puzzle is available on PC via Steam.

Source: Томас Непотребко/YouTube (via Metro News)

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