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Rocksmith+, the guitar teaching video game service, finally launches –

Blacksmith+the new version of Ubisoft Black-smith rhythm action game and guitar teaching tool, has finally announced its release date: September 6, 2022. This new version of the game will be launched on computer with a mobile release later this year, and will be a subscription-based service, allowing users unlimited access to “over 5,000 songs” at launch, according to a press release.

When Ubisoft first came out Black-smith during the tail end of the rhythm-action video game gold rush of the 2010s, it seemed like absolute magic. Whereas Guitar Hero, rock band and several imitators have relied on the use of custom-made plastic peripherals to mimic the performance of music, Black-smith allowed you to plug in any real guitar or bass and use them to play his version of the rhythm-matching music genre.

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What else, Black-smith served as an excellent real-life teaching tool. As the difficulty of the beat-matching game adapted to your growing ability to hit the right notes, you would eventually receive the actual notes and chords used in the song – knowledge you could put into practice by out of the game.

Both Black-smith and its sequel Blacksmith 2014 adopted a model of featuring a small, set number of songs with the base game, prompting players to purchase additional songs as downloadable content after the fact.

Switching to a subscription service might not appeal to everyone, especially those who like to “own” their digital music, but the upside is that Blacksmith+ has a staggering library of music to learn and play with at launch, which can be accessed on a whim.

The new game also allows players to use their smartphones to translate their actual guitar notes in-game, as an alternative to the physical USB to 1/4-inch jack cord that was required with previous games.

I had the chance to play with the closed beta version of Blacksmith+ in 2021, and as an amateur guitarist and bassist who devotes far too much of his life to rhythm games – including Blacksmith – the new version of the software was very impressive, especially the adaptive difficulty and training tools.

The beta’s big complaint was the variety of songs available, something that’s clearly been addressed for the full version. According to Ubisoft, the 5,000 songs available at launch will be supplemented with new tracks every week, citing artists like “The Clash, Juan Gabriel, Alicia Keys, Santana, and more” as well as genres spanning “Rock, Metal, Pop, Latin , Hip-Hop and Indie from countries around the world.’

Here are the costs of Blacksmith+ service:

  • 1 month subscription: AUD$19.95 / USD$14.99
  • 3 month subscription: $54.95 AUD / $39.99 USD
  • 12 month subscription: $139.95 AUD / $99.99 USD

Those who own Blacksmith 2014 or participated in the closed beta will receive additional months free – one additional month for a three-month subscription and three additional months for a 12-month subscription.