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Rogue Company’s mobile game ready for iOS tech test

After almost a year, the developer Hi-Rez Studio’The Rogue Company team has announced that its mobile adaptation of the relatively popular competitive third-person multiplayer shooter Rogue Company will soon begin an iOS tech test. This is the first news related to the game since its reveal in August last year.

After an open beta test for players who connected through the Verizon network a few months ago, the development team has now announced this technical test with a focus on iOS. Typically, tech tests are hosted pretty close to a game’s release, so we could see Rogue Company drop for mobile very soon.

For those who don’t know, Rogue Company is a competitive third-person PVP hero shooter, which means it has a large number of hero characters who each have unique abilities that can be used to gain the advantage. on your opponents. It is usually hosted in a 4v4 framework, although there is also a 2v2 mode. You’ll buy new weapons and loadouts for your abilities each round, and rounds will either end when the objective is reached, or one team eliminates the other. The game has been out on PC and consoles for a while now, and has been relatively successful throughout its year of release, so the mobile version might be even more populated than usual at launch with a already established fan base.

If a competitive third-person Counter-Strike-like title is your thing, you can sign up for this tech test to try out the game and help the developers see how everything works on your Apple device. To do this, go to the official registration page where you will be asked to fill in a few details like the platform you are playing on, the email, the telephone number, the usual rigmarole. This will give you the chance to help Hi-Rez get the game ready for launch, and also give you a chance to play it in advance, so give it a try!

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