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Santa is scarier than ever in this hit PC game

Otter Lady Horror Banner tweeted a video of her initial reaction to the ghost of Santa Claus in “Phasmophobia”, giggling with pleasure as she realized who was chasing her. The chasing Santa Claus looked less plump than traditional depictions of Saint Nick, and suitably gruesome. @SailorSugarPlum had a similar reaction in a video she shared, commenting on the iconic – and now gruesome – Santa Claus bells. Players will be warned that Santa is coming to kill by the threatening bells ringing before he arrives, giving them some time to take cover. That being said, this Santa is fast and can hunt even the fastest Ghostbusters.

Players curious about “Phasmophobia” can meet Santa on their own by heading to Maple Lodge Campground, which is now covered in a blanket of festive snow. Careful readers of the “Cursed Possessions” patch note won’t find a mention of Santa Claus, but they will read a new type of ghost called the Mimic, which can, as the name suggests, copy other creatures. . In a cruel turn of fate for the holidays, players will have to face both the Mimic and a ghostly Santa Claus playing “Phasmophobia”. There’s nothing the fearless Ghostbusters can’t handle, although they may need a mug of hot chocolate and a warm blanket to stay brave.