Mobile game

SEGA Hardlight is developing a new Sonic mobile game

A new job listing reveals that a new Sonic mobile game is in development at SEGA Hardlight studio.

SEGA Hardlight is looking to hire a lead artist for a new Sonic mobile game. Some of the duties of the position include developing and maintaining the artistic value and visual quality of the game, creating assets, and motivating an art team to do their best work.

The listing reads: “SEGA Hardlight is looking for a lead artist who can lead both art and the art team on an exciting and ambitious new narrative platformer. You could be an art/environment manager with a proven track record or a senior artist looking for a step up in their career. »

“As the lead artist, you’ll be at the forefront of one of our new titles; You will help drive both the artistic vision and the in-house artistic team to produce high quality artwork through effective communication, collaboration, detailed planning and active mentorship.

“You will be involved in creating highly compelling artwork that meets the visual and technical demands of the game while setting a benchmark for artistic excellence and work ethic.”

“You will understand the limitations of a mobile game but still push the quality to console levels. As part of SEGA, you love and have experience creating stylized art, exciting worlds and characters colorful.

SEGA Hardlight has developed several titles such as Sonic forces (Mobile), Sonic Dash, Two Points Hospitaland the PC version of Valkyria Chronicles 4.