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Sega’s new RPG is a mobile game and fans aren’t happy

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Image courtesy of Sega

A new RPG from Sega has been teased, but fans have expressed disappointment that it is a mobile-only game.

Sega released a very brief teaser for its upcoming RPG ahead of its reveal at the Tokyo Game Show. The teaser, posted on Sega’s official YouTube channel, has already received quite a bit of reaction from fans. The reason? It’s a mobile game.

So far, not much has been revealed about Sega’s upcoming RPG other than that it is a joint project with Persona developer Atlus. This pairing naturally got a lot of gamers excited, not only because it’s an RPG, but also because it would be a brand new IP address. The teaser itself was quite intriguing; a beautiful score accompanies the still images in a hand drawn style. Arguably, the character designs felt pretty generic for a JRPG, which can be forgiven if a game brings something new to the table. This is probably what many fans are hoping to see from the full reveal.

The criticism that mobile games often face, and the concerns that arose in the YouTube comments section of the teaser, is that they are often heavily monetized. Mobile games are often marketed as free-to-play but gamers quickly find themselves either inundated with advertisements or limited by restrictions (timed or paid). The standard. As a result, the teaser video received a disproportionate amount of dislikes compared to the likes. One comment read “I heard it was a mobile game and I came here just to vote against the trailer just to make my dislike known.”

However, not all reactions have been negative. Some fans are happy to reserve judgment until more information is given. However, many expressed disappointment with the lack of ports. While mobile games are incredibly portable, systems aren’t the most comfortable platform to use. Gamers are waiting for a console or PC release of the next RPG.

More information on this new Sega RPG is expected to be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show on October 1.

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