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Shacknews Best PC Game of 2021 – Halo Infinite

The Halo franchise has a not-so-secret history of troubled PC launches. Look no further than the nearly unplayable launch of The Master Chief Collection as proof of that. When we learned that Halo Infinite would be launching on PC simultaneously with Xbox systems, we were understandably cautious. With that in mind, it was a pleasant surprise that the game came in such a great condition on PC, making it our pick for the best PC game of 2021.

Halo Infinite works like a dream on PC. The game is magnificent, whether it is the environments on Zeta Halo in the campaign, or on the various maps available in multiplayer. Halo Infinite also offers a wide variety of video and system settings, much more than you would expect from a Halo game. This includes shadows, texture quality, render distance, minimum and maximum FPS, and many more. Gamers can fine-tune their Halo Infinite PC experience to what works best for them (and their system).

Halo Infinite is also excellent when played with keyboard and mouse. 343 Industries also shows excellent management of its mixed pool of players by offering separate competitive queues for players on controllers versus those on keyboard and mouse. While the franchise has strong console roots and was originally designed for controllers, gaming is a quality end-to-end PC experience.

Halo Infinite feels right at home on PC, and that’s just about the biggest compliment we could give to a game so closely tied to consoles for most of its 20-year history. The game benefits from the fact that its multiplayer is free. It’s also great that it’s available on Steam, which means fewer people have to be subjected to the horrors of the Xbox / Microsoft Store App. It might not push the hardware to its maximum, but it’s without a doubt one of the best gaming experiences we’ve had on PC this year.

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