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Sharing scrapped Sonic mobile game footage online

Sega isn’t a big fan of fan-made Sonic the Hedgehog games. The publisher is incredibly protective of IP, and Nitrome, the UK mobile development team that made Bomb Chicken, Super Leap Day and the upcoming Shovel Knight Dig, recently revealed that Sega rejected its pitch for a Sonic game. official phone.

Yesterday, Nitrome shared the demo clip of its Sonic mobile game on Twitter, which is a vertical platformer inspired by classic Sonic games on Genesis (Mega Drive for international players) that shows Sonic doing parkour while he runs and jumps. from wall to wall on its way to the capsule. According to Nintendo Life, the company said the engine the demo ran on was “fairly authentic” and “very close to the logic of the Sonic Engine”, hence the fast frame rate. While there’s no proper name attached to the demo, he said the wall-running mechanic in his latest Apple Arcade release, Super Leap Day, was inspired by the unreleased Sonic mobile game.


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Unfortunately, Nitrome’s pitch didn’t appease Sega’s superiors, or the “Sega gods” as they were called, as they saw no potential appeal to the public, so they outright denied it. Nonetheless, Nitrome decided to keep Sonic’s mobile demo as he was proud of the wall-running mechanic it applied to him. The Super Leap Day would not have been born otherwise.

Even so, Nitrome is still interested in exploring the idea of ​​a “one-button” Sonic game and asked Sega to reconsider and review the demo. Fans showed their support for the unreleased Sonic mobile game in the comments telling Sega to let Nitrome do it in full.

In another tweet, Nitrome added that the only thing he couldn’t program in the Sonic mobile demo was a way to roll the Blue Blur on the floor and wall within the confines of the one-button control scheme. However, it fixed this issue in the form of Goop rolling in Super Leap Day as long as the button is held down for a long time.

The scrapped mobile game is the second unreleased Sonic media to come out of the woodwork on social media this week after former BioWare developer Jonathan Cooper shared a clip of an unused animated intro for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. He said the team worked hard to create the Nintendo DS-exclusive Sonic RPG’s opening cinematic, but Sega “inexplicably” cut it out and replaced it with generic gameplay footage.

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