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Skater XL free multiplayer update now available on consoles and PC

XL Skater has a new multiplayer update today. Free Skate Mode, now available as a free DLC, allows up to ten users to join an online skate session together.

XL SkaterThe Multiplayer Free Skate feature is coming to consoles and PCs, according to Easy Day Studios. The free online multiplayer skate option, which is already available on Steam in Early Access, allows users to join a random public room or create their own and invite friends to join using a password.

To enhance the experience, the new online mode includes the same replay editor features available in single player mode, allowing users to store and edit group lines, individual stunts, and memorable in-game events.

Here’s what to expect

XL Skater launched last year mostly favorable reviews with a constant flow of new cards, new equipment, and the addition of community modules. However, the lack of multiplayer was a major stumbling block for many players. With the latest update for consoles and PC, this problem is a thing of the past. When adding additional players, the team took care not to disrupt XL SkaterIt’s stable framerate, because you will need all the performance available when creating a combo line.

The update includes months of work on improving console performance, including an improved frame rate and noticeably smoother playing feel, especially on base model troops. As a result, you have nothing to worry about; everything will be as smooth as silk.

“Skateboarding is more fun with friends, and there’s nothing quite like hanging out, talking shop and rocking with each other, this essential experience inspired us to create XL Skateronline multiplayer Free Skate mode, ”said Jeff Goforth, director of marketing at Easy Day Studios.

“We’re excited to say that this update comes with some great FPS improvements. The game now runs much smoother and even with many characters on the screen during online play it is significantly smoother than the previous version in single player, ”he added.

New equipment

Do you need new equipment to get started on an online site? XL Skater session? Easy Day Studios supports you! In addition to the multiplayer functionality, you’ll find new clothing from companies like New Balance, Es Footwear, and Dickies.

Upgrading the Free Online Multiplayer Skate Mode to XL Skater is completely free for those who have already purchased the title. The game is currently available for $ 39.99 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC through Steam, as well as in physical stores for PS4 and Xbox One.

Watch the XL Skater multiplayer trailer below!