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Skull and Bones video game is delayed again

The release of Skull and Bones has been delayed again, making it the game’s fifth delay since it was first announced several years ago.

“Today we would like to give you an update regarding our release date,” said Tweeter posted on the official Skull and Bones Twitter account earlier today reads. “Although development of Skull and Bones is complete at this point, the valuable feedback received during our various technical tests and insider program has convinced us that we could use a little extra time to tweak and balance even more. experience and make sure you get all the best experience we can offer.

“We have therefore decided to push back our original launch date to March 9, 2023. We will be hosting further insider program sessions to continue to gather feedback, and in case you haven’t had a chance yet , you can also look forward to our open beta in the near future. Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more information.

As the passage above indicates, Skull and Bones is now set to release on March 9 next year. The game is confirmed for Xbox Series X (and S) consoles, Windows PC, Sony’s PlayStation 5 console, and Amazon Moon cloud gaming platform.

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