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Sony acquires Nixxes software for Big Windows PC Game Port Push

In early June, Xbox chief Phil Spencer mocked Sony about its PlayStation-to-PC porting strategy, explaining that “others [Sony] bringing console games to PC years later, not only by forcing people to buy their hardware up front, but by charging them a second time to play on PC. It looks like Sony is working on this issue though, as the company integrates Nixxes Software.

Announced today, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has completed the acquisition of Nixxes Software, “an industry-leading Dutch studio with over 20 years of experience in game development and optimization”. From now on, the company will be part of the PlayStation Studios Technology, Creative & Services group “to provide high quality in-house technical and development capabilities to PlayStation Studios”.

PlayStation Studios Director Hermen Hulst said he was “delighted that this very experienced team is part of SIE’s world-class development community.” However, one thing of note that is missing from the main announcement is that Nixxes describes itself on its website as an “industry-leading Dutch company specializing in the design, development and porting of video games“. So with the acquisition, we could see more PlayStation games coming to PC at launch on a future Sony platform, or more likely in places like the Epic Games store.

Either way, it could mark a future where PlayStation titles launch alongside their PC counterparts. Hopefully we’ll find out more about Sony’s plans soon, so stay tuned to HotHardware for updates and let us know what you think of this acquisition in the comments below.