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Sony creates the “PlayStation PC” label for its PC game releases

Sony has reportedly created a new subsidiary which indicates increased ambitions for its future PC versions of PS4 and PS5 games.

A list on Corporation Wiki (as marked by VGC) shows that “PlayStation PC LLC” was registered in April 2021. The company is registered at the same address in San Mateo, California, as Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, which represents the entire PlayStation brand.

Some Steam users have also noticed that the publisher details for some PC versions of PlayStation games have changed. The 2019 post-apocalyptic open-world adventure list Days Gone now shows the publisher as PlayStation PC LLC, although the page for Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition still lists PlayStation Mobile, Inc as the publisher.

However, clicking on the “publisher” link on either game will bring up a Steam page for “PlayStation Studios” which may indicate that the name “PlayStation PC” will no longer be used. for the activities in contact with customers in the future.

The creation of the new subsidiary indicates an increased role for the PC in Sony’s future gaming projects. Beyond its existing PC ports, the publisher has already confirmed that the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will bring the whole Unexplored collection on PC in early 2022, while God of the war will arrive in January of next year.

Earlier in October 2021, former Sony CEO Shawn Layden explained his reasoning for bringing more PlayStation titles to PC, saying the strategy was “to go where these new customers are, these new fans could to be”. While Layden has suggested that fans shouldn’t expect PlayStation titles to launch day and date on PC, he also said “never say never,” especially with the company’s new leadership following its release. departure.

Sony has so far taken an almost ‘shop editor’ approach to its PC versions, and it seems to have paid off – all of its PlayStation ports to date have been well received, and there is noticeable enthusiasm. for the next titles he announced. With the formation of PlayStation PC LLC, expect the PC to play a bigger role in Sony’s release plans going forward.

In other PlayStation news, a brand new Ocean star the game has been confirmed for release on PS4 and PS5 in 2022. Titled Star Ocean: The Divine Force, this will be the first all-new entry in the long-running JRPG series since 2016 Integrity and infidelity.