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Sony is looking to expand its “PlayStation PC Game Experiences” department

Sony is looking to expand the PlayStation PC Game Experiences department with developers able to bring more major PlayStation games to PC.

Under the playstation pc label, Sony is leading an initiative to bring some of the most renowned PlayStation titles to PC. Sony is looking to further expand the PlayStation PC department with manpower as the company aims to deliver major first-party experiences to the widely adopted platform.

Formerly known as PlayStation Mobile, PlayStation PC emphasizes Sony’s intention to bring high-level games to PC such as Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. The first of these great titles was Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition from Guerrilla Games, which became a major hit on PC. Bend Studio’s Days gone made the jump to PC last year. Last January, PlayStation PC launched God of the war on the platform with overwhelmingly positive reviews and tons of praise from gamers around the world.


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A new job posting has surfaced for a director of product management at PlayStation’s San Diego office. The director would lead the PlayStation PC Games Experiences department in several facets such as staffing, game development, and collaboration with other Sony Interactive Entertainment groups. A successful candidate for the role should have 10+ years of product experience and a “deep understanding of the gaming industry, particularly PC, Cross Play, and Cloud/Mobile gaming-based needs.” Other requirements for the position include excellent analytical, communication and interpersonal skills.

The PlayStation PC job listing requires a passionate candidate who can understand customer needs and provide solutions. The general purpose of the director position is to lead the department and bring PlayStation games to PC gamers around the world. As PlayStation PC expands, gamers should see more titles coming to PC with much-requested features like cross-play with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

By bringing more PlayStation games to PC and enabling cross-play, more gamers can experience the benefits of a shared ecosystem. For example, multiplayer PlayStation games could benefit from a large shared playerbase across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Additionally, the PC versions allow more gamers around the world to experience PlayStation games as the shortage of semiconductors continues. PlayStation 5 stock continues to be expensive and elusive for many customers.

While the PlayStation PC expansion is promising, PlayStation will likely take some time to embrace day-one PC versions of its core first-party games. Fortunately, the expansion of the PlayStation PC department could speed up development and bring more games to the platform at a faster pace.

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