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(SONY), Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) – 8 video game stocks to watch in 2022: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and more

The video game industry cooled slightly in 2021, against rising sales figures in 2020 driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Several big game outings were delayed in 2021 and were postponed.

Here’s a look at some of the video game stock investors I envision by 2022.

Sony Corp: Console manufacturer and video game company Sony Corp (NYSE: SONY) has had success with the release of the Playstation 5 console, which has beaten Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT) latest Xbox console in total units sold. Sony acquired four studios in 2021 and is set to launch exclusive titles that only Playstation owners will be able to play.

Exclusive titles include a sequel to “Horizon Forbidden West”, “Gran Turismo 7” and a multiplayer game from Naughty Dog. The highly anticipated “God Of War Ragnarok” will be available on Playstation 5 and for PC.

Microsoft Corp: Xbox Game Creator and Studio Owner,

Microsof had a solid year 2021 thanks to several of its operating segments. The games division could get a boost in 2022 with the release of various exclusive games. Highly anticipated titles from Microsoft include “Starfield,” described as “Skyrim in Space” and the first new Bethesda series in 25 years. Microsoft acquired Bethesda for $ 7.5 billion in 2021.

Nintendo Co: Popular video game company Nintendo Co (Pink: NTDOY) could have a strong 2022 with a number of exclusive titles coming up for its Switch console. The company continues to see the Nintendo Switch dominate the console wars in terms of units sold, with Sony only briefly knocking the console off the top of the charts after a 33-month reign.

Nintendo is expected to release “Pokemon Legends: Arceus”, “Kirby on the Forgotten Land”, “Splatoon 3” and “Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope”. The company could also release its highly anticipated sequel to “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”.

Sega Sammy: Well known as the parent company of video game company Sega, Sega Sammy Holdings (OTC: SGAMY) also owns assets in the casino and gaming space. The company’s iconic blue hedgehog, Sonic, celebrated his 30th birthday in 2021. In 2022, Sonic the Hedgehog could end up in a new game. video called “Sonic Frontiers”, which is expected for the holiday season next year.

Sonic will also be making his way to the big screen with the release of “Sonic the Hedgehog 2,” which will feature popular characters Tails and Knuckles. The film will be released by ViacomCBS Inc (NASDAQ: VIAC) Paramount Pictures unit on April 8, 2022. A Sonic animated series is also in the works with Netflix inc (NASDAQ: NFLX). Add in the news that Sonic games will be playable in Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) and you have a whole news cycle for Sega heading into 2022.

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Zynga: Mobile game company Zynga Inc (NASDAQ: ZNGA) could have one of its biggest game launches of all time with “Star Wars: Hunters”, which will be released as a mobile game and will be available on Nintendo Switch in 2022. The game features battles 4 x 4 and a plot that takes place after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

Free play will be supported with cross play features on different platforms. Zynga is also pushing hard in exploring NFT games, announcing that it is pursuing the new industry and has hired a blockchain expert.

Take-Two Interactive: Video game studio Take-Two interactive software (NASDAQ: TTWO) has been a popular choice among analysts in the gaming industry. The company is moving forward with a plan to launch 60 new game versions between April 2022 and March 2024. The games released will include 23 immersive potential hit titles, of which around 7 to 8 are expected to release each year.

Take-Two is enjoying continued success for its Grand Theft Auto franchise, ranking “GTA V” as the most viewed game title on Twitch in 2021. It’s possible the company will announce plans for the highly anticipated next franchise of Grand Theft Auto. , but even without news, the stock could have a solid 2022.

Ubisoft: Actions of Ubisoft Entertainment (OTC: UBSFY) were hit hard in 2021 by declining profits and delayed game launches. One of the delayed titles will be released in January, with “Rainbow Six Extraction” among the most anticipated game releases of 2022. Ubisoft is also one of the first major game studios to launch NFTs in its games, which could be an industry theme in 2022.

WB Games: Although not one of the biggest video game studios, WB Games of AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) could have a strong 2022 with several highly anticipated titles. The company is set to release “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga”, “Hogwarts Legacy”, “Gotham Knights” and “Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League”. The company has been a rumored takeover target, and a solid 2022 could help boost its valuation and make the studio even more attractive to a potential buyer.

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