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Spending on video game equipment will reach $ 135 billion by 2026


That’s almost as much as the entire film industry is worth right now.

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Video games are no longer a niche form of entertainment. Truth be told, they never have been, but they’re definitely not in 2021. Everyone and their uncle want a PS5. Sony has shipped 13.4 million so far and there are still millions of you wondering how all these people managed to find one. Video games are more important than ever right now, and the industry will only continue to grow at an alarming rate according to DFC Intelligence.

A new report courtesy of DFC not only revealed that spending on video game equipment in 2021 had amassed $ 82 billion, but by 2026 it predicts that number will reach $ 135 billion. The current trend in almost all forms of technology is towards the cloud and the metaverse. Many have predicted that this will also be the case for games. The point is, we still need the hardware to play our games, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

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DFC’s numbers don’t just include consoles. The billions spent on hardware also represent the controllers, headsets, keyboards, mice, and various other hardware that you need to play games on your PC. It does not factor in mobile games, which makes this year’s jaw-dropping figure and DFC’s forecast for 2026 even more impressive.


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The only caveat here, and a possible reason why DFC’s predictions might not come true, is the spike generated by the pandemic. As millions of people were locked away in 2020, they turned to video games to pass the time. Nintendo has already discovered the hard way that the unexpected numbers it recorded last year didn’t carry over to 2021. However, the Switch still breathes the neck of the 100 million units sold, so it’s not. so bad for Nintendo.

Almost as interesting as the prediction itself is DFC’s discovery that not only are we willing to pay more for premium hardware, but we prefer to. While the Switch Lite has not been greeted with open arms, the OLED Switch launched last month and is sold out until 2022. The same goes for the Xbox Series X and Series S. Although apparently , the latter performs better than its big brother in some key markets, it’s the easiest next-generation console to find right now.

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