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Spirit of Europe Origins is now available for free on PC

History is not a dusty book on a cold shelf. Spirit of Europe Origins seeks to teach players history in a fun way.

Predict Edumedia has announced the release of Spirit of Europe Origins, a title in the JRPG single-player educational genre that aims to teach players about the history of Europe from its beginnings to its rebirth. All of this happens as the game sets out on a philosophical journey into the realms of thoughts and emotions, where spirits fight for dominance over human consciousness.

Live the history of Europe with a twist

Spirit of Europe Origins allows players to learn a lot about European history, even if it’s told with a little twist. The outlook for custom gods, virtues, and vices differs from that of ordinary mortals in the spirit realm that the development team has created.

Predict Edumedia was inspired by ancient history, Western philosophy, and the basic principles upon which modern Western society is built, such as peace, democracy, the rule of law, freedom, and many more.

Create troops and manage your resources wisely

Whether you take a more philosophical approach, Europe’s past is rich with many conflicts over territory or resources, so you will need to arm yourself with a decent battalion while managing your resources effectively.

Gain power over the living and encourage them to build the amazing structures we know today. Gather the souls of slain vices and use them to call friends from among those who have perished over the centuries.

You have the power to make history as we know it

Be the invisible hand that forges the history of Europe as we know it in The Spirit of Europe – Origins: from the ancient times of classical Greece, through the splendor of the Roman Empire, the turmoil of its fall, the chaos that followed, and the links established in the Middle Ages.

Over 240 NPCs to interact with, ranging from commoners to major figures in European history, from ancient Greece to the 12th century European Renaissance. 13 distinct maps with over 20 quests, 58 combat units with over 50 unique skills and over 15 hours of play, your journey through Europe will only end when it is reborn … or will it be ? You will only know it by playing.

Spirit of Europe Origins is already available for free on PC via Steam and Itch.io.

Watch the Spirit of Europe Origins Gameplay Trailer here on Game Freaks 365!