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Square Enix has developed the mobile game ‘Deep Insanity Asylum’ announces the end of the service for the end of October

This morning, Square Enix announced that its mobile game Deep Insanity ASYLUM will be shutting down its service on October 31, 2022. Currently, players cannot purchase White Assassin Stone currency, and any unused paid currency is eligible for a refund after October 31. 2022. .

The game, released last year on October 14, 2021, for mobile and PC devices via Steam (the latter being limited to Japan only), has barely reached the 1st anniversary celebration.

According to the title’s Steam page (which requires a Japanese VPN to view), the game’s story script was written by Makoto Fukami (known for his work in Psycho-Pass and Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka) and Norimitsu Kaihō (known for his work in School Live! and Japanese only Shi Mo Mata Shi Suru Mono Nareba.).

Considering I’ve never heard of this game and also looking at its screenshots, I can kind of imagine why Square Enix decided to pull the plug, but that’s just speculation from me.

deep madness asylum img2

I have translated the full end-of-service notice, which you can view below:

Thanks for playing Asylum of deep madness.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Asylum of Deep Madness will end its service on October 31, 2022. We have worked hard every day to provide better service since the October 14, 2021 release. However, we have come to the conclusion that it will be difficult and impossible to provide a service that satisfies all players.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all players for their continued support thus far and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this announcement. In-game events will continue to update until the end of service. We hope you will continue to enjoy Deep Insanity ASYLUM for a short time until the server shuts down.

From now on, White Assassin Stones can no longer be purchased. All purchased White Assassin Stones that have not been used are eligible for a refund once the service is closed (according to Japanese laws).

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