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Square Enix Says Mobile Games Division Underperformed

Square Enix has released its financial results briefing for the third quarter of fiscal year 2022/3. It includes a Q&A segment. In this part, Square Enix revealed that its mobile games division was underperforming. To combat this, the company plans to step up its internal development efforts. This segment revealed that Square Enix has mostly outsourced the development of its mobile titles. Additionally, while the company released several new titles during its third quarter, it said a majority of those games fell short of initial expectations. No specific game was mentioned.

However, Square Enix will continue to release mobile games, despite the mobile division underperforming and not meeting certain expectations. It also plans to release new titles during its fourth quarter. That said, net sales increased within its mobile division due to changes in accounting policies. The briefing also revealed that while existing titles did not perform as expected, sales of these games increased in January 2022.

Outside of its mobile division, Square Enix said it plans to have multiple launches in its fourth quarter. The listed briefing Triangle Strategy and Stranger from Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin. Moreover, despite the cessation of sales of Final Fantasy XIV due to server congestion, Square Enix estimates that the title will generate a “certain” amount of revenue during the fourth quarter.

In February 2021, Square Enix said in a previous report that the MMORPG was a major contributor to the strong results it achieved in its third quarter.