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Square Enix’s Deep Insanity Project Includes Mobile and PC Game

Square Enix unveiled a Deep madness media mix project. It will consist of the Nirvana manga, The lost child anime, and a subtitled game Asylum that will come to PC and mobile devices. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Deep madness was one of the titles deposited by Square Enix in November 2020. The manga series stars Sergiu Sol and Hildegard Olympiada Yamada. Currently owned by Square Enix Gangan Comics manages its serialization. Square Enix also added the Nirvana the subtitle sets it apart from other media projects. Each project will feature a different cast of characters.

The Deep madness the universe depicts an Earth infested with Randolph syndrome. It causes people to continue sleeping without ever waking up and appears to be from a mysterious underworld. While around 80 million people suffer from the syndrome Nirvana manga, that number will eventually rise to 540 million in the Asylum Game. The lost child the anime, slated to air in October 2021, will take place between the manga and the game.

Square Enix has yet to reveal gameplay details on Asylum of deep insanity, aside from the fact that the free-to-play game will have RPG as its genre. It will have a theme song called “Madoromi”, performed by Hololive Vtubers Amane Kanata and Tokoyami Towa.

Asylum of deep insanity will be available for Android, iOS and PC through Steam.

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