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Squid Game video game now real and playable


A small independent developer recently unveiled a video game adaptation of global sensation Squid Game, available for free at

The immensely popular Netflix original series Squid game became the inspiration for an indie video game of the same name. Fans have been showing interest in some sort of interactive adaptation of the famous South Korean show since its debut this year, with YouTuber Mr. Beast even recreating. Squid gamethe challenges of in real life, and some fans are remaking Squid game mini games in GTA Online.

Squid game premiered in September 2021 and hailed by audiences and critics. The show follows a handful of hapless South Koreans as they navigate a series of sadistic and deadly games hosted by an obscure organization. The last participant remaining alive at the end of the games is promised a plethora of reward money, which keeps participants motivated to carry the game to its abrupt end. The games in question are deadly versions of traditional children’s games like Red Light, Green Light, and Marbles. The show received a lot of praise for its critique of advanced capitalism and stunning cinematography, and while some took issue with the ultimate twist, the game still gained enough followers to warrant fan artwork, like a recent track from representative fanart The Legend of Zelda‘s Link as Squid game competitor.


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Critics of the end of the series aside, many fans will likely be happy to learn that there is officially a playable video game based on the series. Developer Farwal took to Twitter earlier today to promote his Squid game PC game, published on the popular video game platform Players can enjoy the show’s iconic challenges, including Red Light, Green Light, and Glass Stepping Stones, with other events like Tug of War still in development. Multiplayer and voice chat are also available features. Farwal says more updates are in the works, but version 1.0 of the game is currently free to download.

Squid game glass springboards arena

The title page claims it was developed in just twenty-six hours, which, if true, is incredibly impressive. While a parody game titled Crab game released last month, Farwal’s project appears to be much more faithful to the original series. While this can lead to copyright issues over time, it is certainly a more accurate and serious recreation of the TV show, which should make it more appealing to fans.

That said, it’s probably only a matter of time before a big budget, officially cleared. Squid game video game adaptation is revealed. Given the show’s success and its focus on inherently engaging, high-stakes activities, it wouldn’t be surprising for a more established video game developer to announce a game over the next year or so. Until that happens though, Squid game fans are sure to love this low budget indie title.

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