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SteamWorld is getting a city builder, puzzle game, and tactical shooter

In addition to the (already known) Headhunter

Even though our eyes may cloud their faces when browsing game publishers’ financial reports, sometimes there’s some head-spinning information about upcoming games we’d like. really like to play. In this case, it sure looks like Thunderful has big plans for the wider SteamWorld series – four new games are in the works, including SteamWorld Headhuntera body-switching robot cowboy adventure we heard about last year.

According to the Thunderful Group report from January to March 2022 (via IGN), SteamWorld Headhunter is on deck for 2023, and there are three more titles on the way:

  • A SteamWorld puzzle codename “Strawberry” (2023) (Mobile)
  • A SteamWorld city ​​builder codename “Coffee” (2023) (PC and Console)
  • A SteamWorld tactical shooter / turn-based strategy game codenamed “Caramel” (2024) (PC, console, and mobile)

A mobile puzzle game isn’t much, but my mind is whirling thinking of the possibilities of a city builder in this charming robot universe. Likewise, as much as Search SteamWorld and its sequel are my favorites, I know a lot of people who prefer SteamWorld Heist – and a “tactical shooter” seems to be in this wheelhouse.

Thunderful’s next games through 2024

SteamWorld games and other upcoming projects on Thunderful.

Scrolling through this list of upcoming games, I couldn’t help but notice “jurassic world Game IP”, codenamed “Jaffa”, which is classified as survival horror and is scheduled for release in the second half of 2022 on consoles and VR. Sick, right? It took me a minute to connect the dots, but it certainly looks like The Consequences of the Jurassic Worlda “survival thriller VR adventure” that is already playable now on Meta Quest.

Interestingly, earlier in the report, Thunderful specifically mentions that “Bathroom sink was chosen to develop a launch title for Sony’s next-generation VR console, PSVR2.

Thunderful said this “solidifies Coatsink’s leading role in the VR industry, and thanks to them, we are now in a great position to influence the future of the business and technology of virtual reality”.

While we don’t have any concrete dates yet, I can’t wait to see what other Sony studios have courted for the launch of PlayStation VR2. And like someone who’s been with SteamWorld from the start, it’s been cool to see it continue to grow in new ways. I don’t expect to like all four upcoming games (not without more info), but I’d be happy with just a few.

Whoever comes up with these codenames, you kill him.

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