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Strange Puzzle Game SUPERLIMINAL Launches Experimental Multiplayer Mode

As a single-player puzzle game where your perception becomes your reality, Superliminal was considered an amazing title with positive reviews from multiple sources. However, it seems that pillow castle games isn’t ready to move on to a second title or a new project. Instead, they’ve built their own version of a so-called “battle royale” multiplayer mode. This brand new experimental multiplayer mode will be added to the game for free on November 5th.

Get ready to experience the joy and frustration of solving puzzles with friends in a series of frantic obstacle courses! This mode will pit up to 12 players against each other through a series of randomly generated rooms filled with surreal obstacles in a race to the end, under the watchful eye of standard orientation protocol. Currently, the developers have stated that the experimental “battle royale” mode will only be available on Steam and will last through the holiday season. After that, it will probably be based on player feedback if it continues or not.

Personally, I think “battle royale” is the wrong term for this mode as it’s more of a race through puzzles in perspective. But at least there’s a neat customization menu and a new way to enjoy that unique puzzle system again! Check out the trailer below to see the interesting game mode played out a bit for yourself.