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Stray breaks record for biggest PC game launch since Annapurna

The new game of Annapurna Interactiveentitled Wanderwhich sees players guide a lost cat through a beautiful cyberpunk landscape in search of its owner, broke the publisher’s PC launch record the day it was released.

Stray breaks the record

Stray broke Annapurna’s previous record for a PC game release, according to a tweet covered by Video Games Chronicle. The adventure game attracted over 50,000 concurrent players on Steam approximately 12 hours after its release.

credits – attackofthefanboy.com

The 2021 Twelve Minutes game had previously set the record with just 8,021, so Stray racked up more than 6x as many games. Outer Wilds, who won 7,936, Neon White, who won 3,277, and Journey, who won 1,757, complete Annapurna’s top five games. By the end of the day, Stray’s popularity had grown even further.

When VGC released its report, the game was ranked 13 in player count, behind Apex Legends and AAA games like Grand Theft Auto. It was developed by the small French studio BlueTwelve Studio. On July 19, this game became available on PC and PlayStation. It costs $29.99, though PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium customers can get it for free.

Game review

Stray’s appreciation has been overwhelming. It was called a “triumph” by Polygon. Kotaku found the game both enjoyable and thoughtful, and IGN never got tired of the incredibly detailed world. The game was described as “new, charming, and beautiful” in CBR’s review.

Stray breaks record for biggest PC game launch since Annapurna
credits – aroged.com

The success of the so-called “cat simulator” should come as no surprise given that it supplanted The Day Before as the most searched game on Steam in early July. While Stray had long grown in popularity, The Day Before developer Fntastic’s use of unpaid “volunteers” and the ensuing controversy also contributed to its demise as the most popular game.

Although Stray has limited gameplay, its gorgeous design and immersive open environment quickly earned it a cult favorite. The cat protagonist’s ability to pet or rather cuddle other cats in the game is crucial.

In line with the perennially important survey, “Can you pet the dog?” Between the playful cat and the cats discovered in the gaming world, BlueTwelve has incorporated a cuddle feature filled with purring and friendly grooming. Stray is currently accessible on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as well as PC via Steam.

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