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Street Fighter collaborates with mobile game King of Fighters

The King of Fighters All Star mobile game will host a collaboration event with Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise.

KOFAllStar x Street Fighter

Fighting Games is no stranger to crossovers and guest characters on its roster. This even extends to spinoffs from their franchises, such as SNK’s action RPG mobile game, The King of All Star Fighters. Released in 2018, this free-to-play mobile beat-em-up RPG brings together many characters from SNK’s libraries, including the sagas of KOFThe main entry games of. While many franchise characters like Mai Shiranui, Kyo Kusanagi, and Terry Bogard have been playable characters, all stars sometimes has cross events.


There have been a lot of limited time events for The King of All Star Fighters, seeing it crossover with other video game franchises. Some of the more notable video game franchises that have collaborated with this game include Dead or alive, Guilty Equipmentand tekken. Some non-video crossovers for this game have also been present, with one of the collaborations even being with WWE, featuring playable versions of famous wrestlers such as John Cena, The Undertaker, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The latest collaboration with all stars will be with another fighting game franchise street fighter.

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The first promotional art of this event for The King of All Star Fighters was published on a special website by the developer Netmarble, where the faces of each respective series are present. Kyo Kusanagi and Ryu can be seen back to back in the sun, with the classic Suzaku Castle scene in the background. Six Street Fighter characters will be coming to this mobile title in the future.

The teaser site already shows three of these characters who will arrive at King of All Star Fightersthe wandering warrior Ryu being one of them. street fighterInterpol resident agent Chun-Li will also be playable, with two variants. One features Chun-Li in her classic outfit, while another outfit is based on her younger appearance in Street Fighter Alpha, known as the Nostalgia variant. The event is set to begin on March 15, with pre-registration now open.

This isn’t the first time these major fighting game franchises have collaborated, as there have been crossover games such as Capcom vs. SNK 2 in 2001 and SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium. This is the first time since 2007 SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS where these two legendary fighters crossed paths. This event has a rather remarkable timing since king of fighters 15 will be released this year and street fighter also celebrates its 35th anniversary.

The King of All Star Fighters is available now on Android and iOS mobile devices, with a PC version in development.

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