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Summertime Madness trailer reveals a trippy, painterly puzzle game

Playstation has released a Christmas trailer for its game summer madness. The game shows some of the settings of the game, while having a Christmas theme for the holidays.

The trailer starts off by giving you “Painted Island summer vibes” as it gets chilly outside during the winter. We then see some of the game’s environments, while seeing how that might change. We see a forest, and a boat that is in the middle, then we can see a lighthouse suddenly rising from the ground.

We can also see an area of ​​many bridges, with a giant crescent moon in the background, and the bridges are able to rotate. We also see a door leading to a mysterious place on two scales, and a city at night. The trailer ends by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


summer madness
Image via DP Games

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summer madness is a first-person puzzle game, where you take control of a painter in Prague in July 1954, who has made a pact with the devil. He was tricked into the deal and is now trapped in one of his webs. He must now escape from the canvas before midnight or he will be trapped in the paint forever. The island itself is constantly changing as you try to navigate your way through it.

You will notice things like the appearance of the ship changing, a lighthouse rising and more as you discover new things and solve the puzzles in the game. There are also many hidden secrets that you can find as part of the canvas.

summer madness hits PlayStation on January 26. You can check out the Christmas-themed trailer below.

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