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Tactical football: the new mobile game from EA

EA presents a new football game for mobile phones. What can the new game do and when will it be released?
Tactical Football is the new mobile game from Electronic Arts. | ©EA

Tactical soccer is the name of the last mobile game from electronic arts. We have all the information about the release datethe gameplay and how can you already register for download.

FIFA 22 that’s almost history anyway, FIFA 23 is getting closer and closer. But forget PC or console games, because EA will be releasing a new smartphone soccer game. Tactical football revolves around the Premier League and will be playable in PvP.

What is tactical football?

Tactical Football is a mobile game from Electronic Arts and not to be confused with FIFA Mobile. The game will feature over 600 licensed Premier League players, with no other leagues planned at this time. In Tactical Football, you can build your Ultimate Team, strategically plan your moves, and enjoy the thrill of hot PvP matches against your friends and rivals around the world. Similar to the console FIFA Manager series, you take on the role of manager of your team and make quick tactical decisions to outsmart your opponents and lead your team to victory.

What is the release date of Tactical Football?

The developers have yet to announce an official release date.. Pre-registrations are already underway, Tactical Football is not far from an Early Access release. We can safely assume that Electronic Arts will release the game later this year if all goes according to plan.

How can I register for the tactical football download?

In the meantime, you can pre-register on Google Play if you’re an Android user.. This way, you’ll get early access as soon as the game is released. With Electronic Arts as your publisher, it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to gameplay, because FIFA Mobile is already one of the best authentic football games for mobile devices.

Tactical football game
Here’s how the gameplay of tactical football will look like later. | ©EA

Tactical football game

You participate in timed Games and training exercises which allow you to gain valuable training experience and learn new skills to improve your players and your team. You can see these skills in dynamic cutscenes triggered by your strategic play. Tactical football promises real time Game 11v 11 with authentic football and close-ups. Hopefully this won’t remain promises and the announcements will be implemented.

Is tactical football free?

Tactical football will most likely be free. On the other hand, this means that there will be a lot of monetization, i.e. the game will be full of advertising. You will also be able to acquire benefits through in-app purchases, you know the drill. We are looking forward to the new mobile game!