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Telling Lies Joins PC Game Pass For February 2022, Control Goes Away

Well, folks, it’s officially February. If you thought 2022 wouldn’t pass as quickly as 2021, you might be wrong. Luckily, the start of each new month is something Game Pass subscribers can look forward to. Why? Because they get even more games on the service. February 2022 has begun, and there are nine games to come to PC Game Pass – this is only the first wave. Unfortunately, we will also say goodbye to some popular versions. Get ready, because Control, The wayand others are leaving PC Game Pass on February 15.

It all starts with Contrast, which is coming in a few days. The 2013 game is a platform and puzzle game inspired by vaudeville and film noir. You can download it on February 3. It is joined by two other games that day, namely dreamscaper and the intriguer Tell lies. The latter is a narrative thriller, where you solve a mystery by watching “secretly recorded video conversations”.

Four more are heading to PC Game Pass on February 10. These include Besiege (in preview), edge of eternity, Skul: The Hero Slayerand The Last Children on Earth and the Stick of Fate. We looked at both edge of eternity and Skull, and we enjoyed our time with them. For Skull, we wrote that it was “lovely, action-packed, and full of great choices.” While repetition was a concern, the game ended up being one of our most beloved rogue-lites. The last two games are Ark: Ultimate Survival Edition and infernaxboth arrived on February 14.

Some big games coming out this month

As has always been the case, some games are leaving PC Game Pass on February 15 – six games go for a hike. And a few of these games are important, so hopefully you’ve had plenty of time to cover them. Control, Code Vein, Final Fantasy XII Age of the Zodiac, The way, the falconerand Winter Project leave the service. I’m only a quarter of the way The wayso I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend.

There will be more games coming to PC Game Pass for February 2022 in a few weeks.