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That twilight puzzle game? Not really an april fools joke

Dusk, the decidedly old-school first-person shooter of 2018, gets an even older demake that riffs on classic puzzle games like The chip challenge and Sokoban. And no, This is not a joke, although the first word of its existence fell on April 1.

Twilight ’82 has everything you expect from a Dusk game – shotguns, cultists, explosions – except now it’s turn-based, taking place at a snail’s pace compared to the breakneck speed of the original game. As such, the demake is less twitchy focused, earthquake-Inspired shooting and more on strategic bullet dodging, block pushing, and puzzle solving.

What else, Twilight ’82 will come with a level editor, allowing you to create your own danger-filled puzzles from scratch. Players can then swap those levels by swapping simple text strings. The game will also feature Steam Workshop support, allowing for even more sharing and customization.

As mentioned, Dusk Creator David Szymanski initially dropped the word about his new puzzle on April 1 and left everyone to continue to believe it was a joke. But no ! Here we are a week later and the very real puzzle is now listed on Steam. This is the best punchline possible.

Twilight ’82 does not have a release date yet, but Szymanski has said he should be ready “in a few months”.

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