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The 50 Best Mobile Game Makers 2021 (Online)


Who are the driving forces and shakers of the mobile gaming scene? Every year since 2009, the experts at, the leading media in the mobile games industry, have revealed their take on the top 50 studios, creators and publishers in the world.

We have often unveiled it at an invitational dinner at a chic international venue. But this year (for no surprise reasons), the Top 50 Mobile Game Makers will take place entirely online, which means more people will have the chance to see it.

And to fully embrace the best of the industry, we are also including a few conferences and panels, to make the afternoon a real must-see, with knowledge sharing as well as a celebration.

The Top 50’s Top 50 Mobile Game Makers list covers development studios of all sizes and publishers who bring these games to gamers. It’s not for tool vendors, engine makers, ad networks, or other companies or middleware vendors, although they’re all great. These are only people who create and publish games.

The Ultimate List itself is compiled by the editorial experts at with the added help of industry insiders. It also takes into account lobbying submissions from the companies themselves. This is not just a list of those who have made the most money (although this is taken into account), but an authoritative guide for players in the most dynamic sector in the industry. of the game, based on several key criteria.

Areas we assess include: financial performance over the past 12 months, quality and quantity of new games released, notable innovations, cultural impact made on the industry, and an estimate of the company’s future potential. .

This year is the 12th time that we have published our list, and places will be as hotly contested as ever. The first step in the selection process was to solicit suggestions and nominations from industry, during a lobbying period. It ended at the end of July. It is now up to the core team to work their way through the data and information tapes and decide on the final positions.

An afternoon for the industry
Once registered, we will email you the Zoom link just before the event. The full list of afternoon activities has yet to be made public, but will start with speeches and then a panel or two, culminating in the Top 50 countdown itself. After the ceremony, the full list will be available on

NB As this is an industry exclusive event, we reserve the right to restrict access to all or part of the activities (but will notify you in advance if this is the case).

Please note that you must be a game developer or publisher to attend the virtual event. Monetization companies, tool makers and other service providers will only be allowed to connect to this event with one of the limited sponsor locations – please contact [email protected] for details.