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The Best Puzzle Game Was Surprisingly Released On The Nintendo Switch

By Jason Collins | 11 seconds ago

For some reason, new game releases on Nintendo’s popular handheld console always encounter some sort of delay, usually to give game developers more time to polish the end result. Granted, that’s a good thing, but Switch owners tend to be a bit unhappy that most of their peers are getting a bit earlier access to titles on other platforms. But then there’s the flip side: surprisingly many games release on Switch, and Valve Gate and Portal 2 are now part of these games.

According to Polygon, Valve has announced the coming of the Portal Collection on Nintendo Switch in February this year during a Nintendo Direct event, and Nintendo has now confirmed that the collection is available to purchase through their Switch eShop. Along with adding some of the best puzzle games in gaming history, Nintendo also released a demo for Square Enix. live alive, a remake of the 1994 original, and revealed Little Noah: descendant of paradisean action game from Cygames, is also launching today.

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Switch owners are excited about the Portal Collectionthe arrival of on Nintendo Switch; the game series has won over a hundred awards for its groundbreaking gameplay elements, dark humor, and exploration. So far, it’s allowed PC gamers to solve mind-bending puzzles and take on a deadly inventive, power-crazed AI named GLaDOS (now there’s an interesting pun). Now the exciting world of Gate is finally available on Switch, allowing Switch gamers to enjoy some of the best titles in gaming, meet Gateinteresting characters and solve a variety of portal puzzles.

Portal 2 for Switch also includes cooperative gameplay with local, split-screen, and online multiplayer, so Switch players can think and act cooperatively throughout the game. Gate was released by Valve as part of their hugely popular 2007 The orange box – which was a bundle of games for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. For newer generations of gamers, before Steam became a hugely popular digital storefront, Valve developed and published some of the best games in gaming history.

In addition to including Portal, The Orange Box version also included Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 game titles. Portal 2 was released a few years later, in 2011, and became an instant hit among gamers, which only made their surprising appearance on Switch a matter of time. Both games will retain their respective features from the original releases, including the aforementioned co-op mode for Portal 2, which also contains an entirely separate story mode also featuring two robots.

In addition to all the above features, the Portal Collection will run at 60fps up to Full HD resolutions on Switch – an admittedly odd way of saying that some resolution scaling might be involved. Whether or not there’s a reason for this on decade-old games, we wouldn’t know at this point, but given the current state of Nintendo and the fact that remakes of games are being released with a below average optimization, we wouldn’t be surprised by a few stutters.