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The biggest video game news of the week (February 19

Another week, and not just seven days of video game news, but also another major video game launch. Despite being the shortest month of the year, the developers managed to cram in the arrivals of Dying Light 2, Horizon Forbidden West, and now Elden Ring into February. Pokemon Legends: Arceus also launched two days before the start of the month, which means four huge games to tackle in the space of four weeks. Think of everyone writing the guides you’ve been using lately, they need some sleep too. As you’ll have seen, gaming news has been dominated by Elden Ring this week, but believe it or not, other things have happened as well. You do not believe me ? Keep reading.

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Everyone loves Elden Ring. Well, almost everyone

Many of you will be playing Elden Ring all weekend, taking a short break to read this, of course. Reviews plummeted earlier this week and you would have been hard-pressed to find a bad word about FromSoftware’s latest offering. The studio’s biggest achievement to date, by any measure, and also perhaps the most accessible for those who find the idea of ​​getting into a Souls game a bit daunting. Despite the deluge of 10/10, all has not been good for Elden Ring. Apparently, the PC version of the game has some stability issues, which resulted in a small bombardment of reviews on Steam. Turns out we didn’t have the perfect game after all. So close.


Before everyone started talking about Elden Ring, the blockbuster movie adaptation of Uncharted. While the all-star cast and Uncharted aren’t the most easily recognized franchise for casuals in video game history, its big-screen debut is off to a great start. $106 million at the box office in its first three days. That left it with the fourth-best opening weekend for a video game movie adaptation, beating all but Sonic, Pikachu, and Lara Croft. Sony is already referencing it as a franchise, pretty much confirming that we’ll see more of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake.

Dragon Age 4 is closer than you think, Mass Effect 5 isn’t

BioWare currently has some big irons in the form of Dragon Age and Mass Effect sequels. However, he confirmed this week that neither will be here anytime soon. If you were hoping for Dragon Age 4 by the end of 2022, well, stop. The next Dragon Age game is in production, which sounds both promising and frustrating. As for Mass Effect 5, it won’t be here for a very long time. BioWare is still working on ideas for the next Mass Effect game, which means it won’t be here for a few years yet. Go back and play through the Legendary Edition to get your fix, and Andromeda if you really must.


As reported almost exactly a week ago, this current week kicked off with a Street Fighter 6 reveal. beyond Ryu’s next-gen bulge. It was certainly more eye-catching than the new logo. Not only is it so obvious that fans created their own, some believe it to be an original logo from a site selling it for $80. The two certainly look very similar, with some incredibly minor tweaks. Even though it’s a big coincidence, the logo that Capcom settled on is still not the most imaginative.

Sony introduces PSVR 2

While some people still can’t get their hands on a PS5, Sony is revealing more hardware it’s working on in the form of the PSVR 2. Surely the headset and accompanying controllers won’t cause a shortage of chips when of its launch, but it was still very cool to see what it looks like for the first time this week. Its design is in keeping with the PS5 as PlayStation aims to match the headset to your décor, which your new console will likely have achieved if you have one. It’s not yet clear when we’ll be able to get our hands on a PSVR 2, but the reveal of what it will look like details its innovative finger-tracking technology and dials that let you move the lens farther or closer to your eyes.

We will finally see the face of the Master Chief

Master Chief in the Halo TV show

A lot of games are being made into TV shows right now. These adaptations are judged more harshly than any others because they are watched by hardcore fans of the game who won’t want the worlds and characters they love sold short. That’s why the news that viewers of Paramount’s upcoming Halo show will be able to see the face of Master Chief caused quite a stir this week. The first Halo game launched over 20 years ago and in that time Master Chief has never shown his face. One season of the Halo TV show and apparently we’ll all know what it looks like. The face of the video game’s Master Chief will remain hidden behind his helmet, however, perhaps forever.

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