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The classic mobile game Crossy Road coming soon to Apple Arcade

One of the biggest mobile gaming hits of the past decade, Crossy Road, has been listed as “coming soon” on Apple Arcade.

Originally released on the App Store in 2014, Hipster Whale’s free-to-play casual game has now been reused for Apple’s subscription gaming service.

Go to the Arcade tab of the App Store, and you’ll find that Crossy Road + now features prominently in the Coming Soon section, right next to Lego Star Wars Battles. If you press the “Get” button, you will start an automatic download when the game is released, along with an accompanying notification when the game is available.

It’s listed as arriving on iPhone and iPad, with no word yet on an Apple TV release.

The original Crossy Road – which is still available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store – borrowed its concept from the 1981 arcade game Frogger. As with Konami’s classic hopper, the idea is to guide your blocky creature through a series of increasingly busy roads.

However, developer Hipster Whale has also put together endless running and gacha mechanics more suited to a modern mobile audience, with a constant stream of unlockable pets to hit.

It remains to be seen how this waste of time in free-to-play will gain in value for a paying audience. The blurb for the app simply promises that Crossy Road + has been “re-imagined for Apple Arcade”.

Hipster Whale is no stranger to Apple’s premium service, however, having previously released the Apple Arcade-exclusive Crossy Road Castle co-op game.