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The classic puzzle game ‘Myst’ is being transformed into a VR mini-golf

, the classic puzzle game, is given an unusual new life. Developer Cyan Inc. has teamed up with Mighty Coconut to create a Myst-thematic extension for the latter’s VR game, Ambulatory mini-golf. The DLC will be released this fall and will be available on Meta Quest, Steam VR, and “and future VR platforms”.

Mighty Coconut expansion will be a 36-hole course with 18 easy holes and 18 hard mode holes. He claims the DLC will mix realistic physics with “iconic settings, objects and the mind of the puzzles of the Myst saga.” You will be able to play through the Myst Race solo or with up to four other players as you search for 18 lost balls, go on a recovery expedition and try to recover a commemorative putter.

Myst, released in 1993, was the best-selling PC game of the 20th century. Players were challenged to explore an island, solve puzzles, and put the pieces of the story together. It’s one of the most influential games of all time and its impact is still felt in modern titles like . Although came out not too long ago, it’s good to see Mighty Coconut pay homage to its legacy, albeit in a completely unexpected way.

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