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The Division Resurgence mobile game gets a name and trailer

Ubisoft officially announced The resurgence of division, a free-to-play mobile game he said was in the works last year. The company says it will be an open-world third-person RPG shooter, like the mainline games, with single-player and co-op modes that allow players to take on the environment in challenging missions. story and other “PvE activities”.

Recurrence will take place in the same world as The division and The Division 2 did, though Ubisoft says its story will be “standalone” from the original, offering a “unique perspective on key story events” as well as new characters and weapons. Personally, however, the trailer that the company released for Recurrence reminds me of a plot from the original 2014 cinematic trailer. It has a lot of the same beats and similar shots, though it cuts through the heartbreaking story of a family devoured by disease (which is, you know, probably a good thing ).

Ubisoft hasn’t said when the game will be released, although the trailer says it’s coming to Android and iOS devices “soon”. In the meantime, the company plans to launch a closed alpha where selected players can test the game after signing an NDA.

Ubisoft also said it was working on another free game in The division series called heartland. The leaked details give the impression that heartland will be a battle royale game similar to Apex Legends Where Fortnite. That game will be on “PC, consoles, and cloud,” according to Ubisoft’s May 2021 announcement, but it’s understandable why the company wants to make a mobile entry for the franchise as well. Phone gaming is big business, and competitors like EA and Activision Blizzard have invested heavily in flagship releases for mobile platforms.

As we have seen with games like Diablo Immortal, however, the space can sometimes have a problem with predatory business models. Ubisoft hasn’t released details on the types of microtransactions. Recurrence will have – if he will have them at all. Its press release mentions “collect and upgrade” gear as well as “unique signature weapons and gadgets” that you can swap while playing, which are meant to add strategy and allow players to “find the better cooperative synergy with the other agents of the division. .” (Who among us doesn’t play games for that sweet feeling of synergy with friends?) It seems possible that this system comes with extras; mobile games often use upgrades and gear as an opportunity to charge users, and the original Division included a microtransaction system for cosmetics and skins.

Ubisoft did not respond to The edgerequest for comments on whether Recurrence would include any integration with its Quartz NFT platform or any blockchain component. The company said earlier this year that it would have more to share about Quartz in the future, although it’s also confirmed that not all games it’s working on will have NFTs.