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The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden mobile game unveiled

Daisuke Aizawa and illustrator Tozai’s Eminence in the shadows The light novel series is set to make its screen debut as a television anime in October, but there’s more on the way beyond that. A mobile game has also been announced, with The Eminence in Shadow: Master of the Garden is expected to make its way to iOS, Android, and PC sometime in 2022.

A official site and Twitter account are now live for the game with a video message from Alpha.

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Alfa’s message:

the original Eminence in the shadows light novel is written by Daisuke Aizawa and illustrated by Tozai, with four volumes currently released in Japanese. Yen Press publishes the series in English and describes the first volume as such:

Even in his past life, Cid’s dream wasn’t to become a protagonist or an end boss. He prefers to keep a low profile as a minor character until it’s time to reveal he’s a mastermind…or at least do the next best thing: pretend to be one! And now that he’s been reborn in another world, he’s ready to create the perfect conditions to fully live out his dreams. Armed with his wild imagination, Cid jokingly recruits members of his organization and makes up a whole story about an evil cult they must take down. Well, luckily, these imaginary adversaries turn out to be the real deal – and everyone knows the truth except him!

The anime debuts in Japan on October 5.

Source: Official Twitter


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