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THE FINALS Game Show-Themed First-Person Shooter Announced For PC

Embark Studios has announced THE FINALS, a multiplayer multiplayer game that begins with a combat-centric audience, for PC (Steam). It has not been announced that the release date has not been announced. Users can register on the official website for a chance to participate in the upcoming playtests. A play will be held in September.

Here’s a preview of the game, via its Steam page.


Do you have what you need?

Look all over the house, here’s the news you’re gonna hear. The FINALS are accepting new candidates. What? Alright, very soon the world may see you take control of our most exclusive and exciting arenas and reap eternal fame!

A FINALS has the best game available for free. Our competitors are entering the virtual world and joining teams in more and more tournaments. They fight in our beautifully decorated arenas, which they are able to modify, exploit and even destroy.

Sure, you can point and shoot, but competitors who add our carefully selected virtual environments to their arsenal are more likely to advance, so do whatever you can imagine to win! Burn a hammer to the ground. Send the demolition balls to your opponents! Don’t just pull the trigger to knock down buildings.

The world is counting on you.

The FINAL feeds on spectacle. You can’t lose the power of your fans and fight with your own flair while competing with our elite sponsors for global fame.

  • Learn how to play! With the possibility of developing many skills through the body, and multiple weapons and gadgets, you will have all the tools to make your style of play your own!
  • Your world is your weapon and your enemy! The skilled competitor can wield firearms, but with environmental destruction in your arsenal, that’s just the beginning of what you can be against your enemies! All of our arenas can be modified, used or reduced to rubble and not just by you.
  • A player ready for your quick release? You’ll be at the bottom of the world, so if you were to stand in THE FINAL, you better be at its best. When you create a unique avatar, you gain a lot of fans and fame. With the help of our generous sponsors and amazing customization options, you’ll get a unique avatar!

Become famous

It is luck that changes life. Worlds based on historical locations, unprecedented destruction and endless tactical opportunities await. There will be a new era in the land of fame, and the floodgates of fame will be opened. Your competitors will have the same advantages, so it’s up to you to be more competent and eye-catching. Are you up to the challenge? Are you the next world star?

Is there anything you can do to reach the FINAL?

Watch the video below. Check out the first gallery screenshot.

Announce trailer