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The First-Person Sci-Fi Puzzle Game Memorys Reach Endgame by Steam in 2023

100 Stones Interactive, an independent studio, has announced that its first-person space puzzle game Memorys Reach will be coming to PC (Windows and MAC) via Steam in 2023!

Additionally, 100 Stones Interactive has announced that reaching memoirs will be released for consoles sometime next year (2023). In other words, if you’re a console gamer who loves first-person sci-fi adventures and game shows, expect to see Memorys Reach in 2023.

Ancient alien megastructures tower over the unexplored planet, a magnificent sight that awe-inspiring one cannot even see at all, without real life. Discover the fate of a doomed world in the desolate graveyard with the infernal remnants of a collapsed civilization.

Solve mind-bending puzzles while forging new paths through multilithic towers and caverns. With a floating platform, holographic terminals and more, gigantic and intricate puzzle rooms block the way forward. Recognize logical objects, patterns and connections by thinking vertically, horizontally and abstractly.

As soon as you make the landscape look like a happy madman. Develop your knowledge and abilities to become familiar with machines such as pillars of light, gravity, etc. Follow these paths to find valuable documents from the world’s top spot.

I hope the mysterious sights and sounds of this game that make it so alien it seems magical can also encourage players to stay curious about their world.

Memories Reach unveiled its secrets on PC and Mac via Steam in 2023, followed by a full release on current-gen consoles.