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“The Gallery” – A Milestone In The Renaissance Live Action Video Game Set To Release In April

Part hostage thriller and social drama, The Gallery is set to relaunch the live-action genre FMV

London, UK – January 11, 2022. Aviary Studios is delighted to announce that their live action video game The gallery will launch in April for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, iOS and Android platforms. And, for the first time in Europe, The gallery will also be released in UK cinemas where audiences will play the game by majority decision in an immersive and participatory interactive experience.

Written and directed by Paul Raschid, one of the most prolific interactive video game / film creators, The gallery is an exciting combination of hostage thriller and social drama with a touch of cinematic aesthetic of the world film festival. Shot over a 6-week period in February and March 2021, the game immerses audiences in an interactive experience spanning two periods – 1981 and 2021, both of which have considerable political, social and cultural significance in the history of the Kingdom. – United, intelligently reflected in the nuanced story. Players will be faced with over 150 decision points as they navigate a story full of mystery and intrigue.

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An exciting cast has been assembled for The gallery including George Blagden (Versailles and Vikings); Anna Popplewell (The Chronicles of Narnia); Kara Tointon (M. Selfridge and Eastenders); Rebecca Root (The Queen’s Gambit); Richard Fleeshman (The Sandman and Coronation Street), Shannon Tarbet (Killing Eve and Love Sarah) and Fehinti Balogun (I can destroy you).

The live action video game genre (FMV) debuted in the mid-1980s and was billed as the future of video games, but was eventually declared dead in the mid-1990s. this somewhat niche genre – a confluence of movies and games – started around 2015 with titles such as End of shift and His history and was turbo in 2019 with Netflix Bandersnatch. With filmmakers such as Paul Raschid (who won a BAFTA Scotland for his linear film work) now seeking to expand live action video gaming to a wider film and television audience and offering more diverse genres than traditional horror experience, this kind of niche may well be ripe for a resurgence.

The gallery will launch in April for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, iOS and Android platforms and an interactive cinema release in the UK. Please visit the official websites and


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Paul Raschid (29 years old); who wrote and directed ‘The Gallery’ is a born and raised Londoner. Paul’s first 3 live-action video games – The Complex, Five Dates and Deathtrap Dungeon – The Golden Room – have been released on Playstation, Xbox, Switch, Steam, and Apps. “The Complex” was also released in a linear version for television and streaming.

Before focusing on the hybrid live action video game / interactive movie; Paul was a linear / feature filmmaker. He wrote the teenage horror thriller “Unhallowed Ground” (2015) and wrote and directed the elevated haunted house horror thriller Winterstoke House (aka Servant’s Quarters) in 2016. Paul wrote and directed the feature film “White Chamber” for which Shauna Macdonald won the Best Actress award at BAFTA Scotland 2018 and which was released on Netflix after being selected at 10 film festivals around the world including BIFFF Brussels, Edinburgh, BiFan S. Korea, FrightFest London , Sitges and Mumbai.


Aviary Studios consists of 2 companies. Paul Raschid Media (PRM) Ltd. who is the developer of the game and Aviary Films Ltd who will be the publisher of the game.

“The Gallery” will be released both as a live action video game / interactive film and as a linear version for television and streaming.

Aviary Studios CEO is Neville Raschid who has had a 20-year career with Hollywood studios and leading entertainment companies such as Paramount, Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow before becoming an independent film producer in 2002. He has produced 7 independent feature films since 2002. He formed Aviary Studios in 2019 to develop and publish an action and animation video game series under the title ” INTERACTIVISIONS ”. The Gallery is the first in the series.